Macc Partner sp. z o.o.

Accounting Office. Our motto is: “Close relations and professional cooperation”. We believe that close cooperation with our clients and direct contacts enable us to understand their needs and propose formula of services being most satisfactory for the client. By professional cooperation we understand highest quality of services and proactive approach to our clients’ needs. We want to propose new solutions increasing your effectiveness in finance and accounting.

Our team consists of experiences professionals with years of practice working with Clients from different branches of industry. In our work we faced complex financial and tax cases. This allows us to propose solutions tailored to your needs and most important working in day to day life.

Despite changes in legal environment and option for everybody to perform accounting services our team consists only of educated and experienced professionals ready to provide this demanding service. We make sure that our people continue training and are updated on the latest developments and practice.

To assure efficient cooperation we provide to our clients various tools such as service with option to issue invoices for sales. Invoices issued by our clients are imported directly to our bookkeeping and finance system. Through our web page we give our Clients access to panel where they can leave files (like documents for accounting) or download reports, documents etc. prepared for them.

Our scope of services:

  • Preparation of accounting policy
  • Keeping the accounts
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Calculations for tax purposes
  • Management accounting
  • Carrying payroll documentation
  • Preparation of payroll list
  • Social security and personal tax calculations
  • Calculations from civil law based agreements
Tax revenue and expense ledger
  • Carrying tax revenue and expense ledger
  • Auxiliary registry
  • Social security calculations
  • Tax calculations

  • Running settlements of funds from the EU
  • Preparation of credit applications and business plans
  • Budgets
  • Economical and financial analysis
Virtual Office
  • Address for your company
  • Mail box
  • Separate phone line
  • Complex service (documents, payments, staff)

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